Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and is categorised as woody perennial grass family. Their growth rate is about 60cm a day.  Bamboo fibre has smooth and silky texture, ideal for making into textiles such as bedding, clothing and towels. Snow Blossom now proudly offers the Bamboo Spa Collection, which includes Sweat Towels, Face Towels, Hand Towels, Bath Towels and Bath Sheets.

Bamboo fibre made towels have many advantages over the conventional cotton towels. Bamboo fibre towels have great absorbent ability, drying your body and hands in a fraction of seconds. Bamboo fibre towels also have anti-bacteria, anti-odour and anti-mildew properties. They are much more hygienic to use than the cotton towels.  The bamboo fibre towels give a luxury and silky feel when you touch them.

The sweat towel is great for using in the gym, excise or running. It wipes away sweat throughly and quickly.

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