Why Buy Bamboo Fibre Bed Linen or Towels, NOT Cotton?

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Do you know the following shocking figure? There are about 40, 000 cotton farmers die from pesticides poisoning each year.(Resource from Soil Association).  Growing cotton is  extremely labour intensive . The growing season is very long and the cotton harvest heavily relies on the pesticides. Most of the cotton comes from developing countries, where there is hardly any protection measures for the cotton farmers to be  protected against pesticides poisoning. The soil, the water and the air are polluted with pesticides. This situation is getting worse,  not better for the farmers. The price of pesticides is getting more and more expensive. Poor cotton farmers get very little from selling the cotton.  How could we make effort to save this situation? Any alternatives to cotton?

Here is the answer! Buy bamboo fibre made products such as bed linen, towels, etc… Bamboo is a sustainable plant, which grows fast and vast without any chemicals. Snow Blossom is offering a wonderful range of 100% pure bamboo fibre bed linen including duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases and the towels. Bamboo fibre made bed linen and towels have so many advantages over the cotton for more healthy choice. Bamboo is naturally anti bacterials, anti mildew, anti allergies and anti odor… Bamboo bed linen can keep you cool during the warm night while one feels hot with cotton.

For Snow Blossom’s pure bamboo fibre range information please go to http://www.snowblossom.co.uk/bamboo.html

For Cotton & pesticides information you can search on internet or go to: http://www.newint.org/easier-english/pesticides/cottonpest.html

or if you are a techie person, please read this: http://www.scientificjournals.org/journals2007/articles/1062.htm


100% Pure Bamboo Fibre Towels

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Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and is categorised as woody perennial grass family. Their growth rate is about 60cm a day.  Bamboo fibre has smooth and silky texture, ideal for making into textiles such as bedding, clothing and towels. Snow Blossom now proudly offers the Bamboo Spa Collection, which includes Sweat Towels, Face Towels, Hand Towels, Bath Towels and Bath Sheets.

Bamboo fibre made towels have many advantages over the conventional cotton towels. Bamboo fibre towels have great absorbent ability, drying your body and hands in a fraction of seconds. Bamboo fibre towels also have anti-bacteria, anti-odour and anti-mildew properties. They are much more hygienic to use than the cotton towels.  The bamboo fibre towels give a luxury and silky feel when you touch them.

The sweat towel is great for using in the gym, excise or running. It wipes away sweat throughly and quickly.

To purchase the bamboo fibre towels, please go to Snow Blossom’s website: http://www.snowblossom.co.uk/bamboo.html

Silk Bedding For Eczema Sufferers

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-Oriental Lace Range

Snow Blossom provides the highest quality of pure mulberry silk filled duvets, silk filled pillows and silk bed linen ( covers, sheets & pillowcases ), which are great for eczema sufferers as silk is natural fibre and contains protein and animo acid. Silk is gentle and does not cause any irritations to skin. Snow Blossom’s silk filled duvets and pillows have been certified with Oeko-Tex100 which means there is no added chemicals of 100 types which are known to be harmful to human being. Snow Blossom has high reputations in providing the highest quality products and has many customers who used to suffer eczema found Snow Blossom’s silk bedding helping their eczema.  Please contact directly Natalie Bell (director of Snow Blossom) on 0161 9052666 or have a look at her website: http://www.snowblossom.co.uk

‘ Last year, when I was doing the show in Yorkshire, a mother and her daughter came to my stand and bought further more silk bedding from me. The mother told me that her daughter’s facial skin has much improved ever since she changed her bedding from cotton to all silk. I had a look at her daughter’s skin. Indeed! All the redness and scalps on her skin had disappeared and her face looked clear and her skin was beautiful. The mother was so grateful and thanked me for providing such wonderful and quality pure silk bedding products’. Told by Natalie Xiao Bell from Snow Blossom

In our modern times, there are far too many chemical added products which can cause more and more people suffering from allergies. Synthetic (hollow fibre) filled duvets can irritate and dry skin as it’s chemical based duvets. Irritating and dry skin could make eczema itchy. And it’s also a perfect condition for dust mites to live in. Whilst silk repels dust mites as it’s natural way of protection.

For more information you can go to YouTube to watch Snow Blossom in action or become a fan on snow blossom’s page.



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